Opening Arguments Challenge

Guys, I have big news. I am entering the Democratic Primary for 2020. I mean, everyone and their mother apparently is--what is one more person? I am not thirty-five, have no real experience, have no money...

So maybe no good opening argument for my candidacy can actually be made. However, with so many other people running--many who do have substantial and impressive resumes--it can become overwhelming to differentiate and know where everyone stands. In order to break through some of the overload, I have decided to engage in a new, ongoing project for the blog. I am recruiting any brave soul to write an opening argument for one of the many potentials (even the undeclared but likely--I am talking to you Joe Biden). However, if this wasn't challenging enough, I want to take it up a notch. The individual written about has to be someone who is not your top pick right now. I am hoping that through this endeavor, we can all learn about a candidate we didn't know so much about and perhaps gain a new perspective.

I will be updating this post as more people step forward with their contributions (reach out if you are up for the challenge!) So far one brave soul has stepped forward. I will post his response below.

Andy Laub, writing on Julian Castro

Andy Laub is the International Chapters Liaison for the New York branch. He is also the Director of Outreach and top DPRK Analyst for a new media start-up, Political Insights. Before transitioning to foreign policy, Andy was active in politics volunteering on the campaigns of John Kerry and Barack Obama. Andy also served as Staffer for three years for Congressman Eliot Engel (NY-16), the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He recently received his Master's in International Relations from NYU.

While he may not be my first choice for President in 2020, I have been very intrigued by the candidacy of former HUD Secretary and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. I had the chance to see in person then Mayor Castro deliver the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I was inspired by his family stories and how opportunity paved the way for him to enter politics rather in his own words “then hold a mop.” I immediately thought of the man we were re-nominating for another term as President, Barack Obama and how he rose to stardom from his incredible keynote address in 2004 with such a hopeful message of unity that seems so far off in the Trump era. Secretary Castro is Hispanic which the Democratic party badly needs to turnout to win the 2020. President Obama beat Mitt Romney in 2012 71% to 29%, in 2016 Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by a 65% to 29% among Hispanics. Notice Trump didn’t go up but Clinton’s numbers went down, showing a lack of turnout. Also as a former cabinet Secretary and Mayor of a big city, Castro has perhaps one of the most overlooked qualifications for President in having been a manager and having executive experience, which is so lacking in the Trump administration. You need to know how to run agencies and departments. Between his charisma, diverse background and experience, Julian Castro is someone worth watching in this campaign. Even if he doesn’t win could play a valuable role in the future.