About Me


Email me at: dsolinski@fordham.edu

Hi all. Thanks for checking out this experiment/blog I am creating. We live in tumultuous times, and I would like to participate in documenting it. 

The purpose of the blog is to provide insight into myriad issues (mainly political). Ideally, multiple sides of an issue will be presented and rational discourse will take place--as opposed to the emotional din that takes place elsewhere. The homepage will feature blog posts from myself and various guest bloggers. Additionally, there will be a weekly debate between two opposing viewpoints. Each debater will be given the opportunity to present an opening argument, a rebuttal, and a closing argument. Comments from others are highly encouraged! Lastly, I will be conducting interviews with various members of the political community or public in general to get their unique perspectives on the world around us. 

I hope you all enjoy this effort. All questions, comments, and concerns are encouraged!