A Discussion on the Decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Ah, the blessings of modern technology! As a new addition to CitizenJaneBlog, I have found two very kind debaters willing to try out a video version. These two brave souls discussed the following motion: 

Is the Masterpiece Cakeshop case about religious freedom - or discrimination? Further, is this a discussion of human decency, kindness and understanding?

The format was one  of a conversational style, similar to that found beneath the Conversation tab in the written format on the blog. The two debaters discussed the case itself, as well as the overall philosophical, constitutional and moral implications surrounding it, beyond just the narrow decision itself.

For some further context, as promised, I am providing some links for background information. I will also provide any area for others to comment in a written format to what has been said. Please keep all responses civil, as our two great debaters so aptly demonstrated.

Due to a technological snafu, the video and audio did not link up, so I am posting them as two distinct options. Please click on both of them if you want a visual, or feel free to just listen to the audio version for the debate.

The debaters today, as will be introduced on tape were Gene Pomerants and Markas Dazkal.

Gene, new to Citizen Jane, is a home based business coach, green lifestyle consultant, speaker, holistic health coach, and stay-at-home dad. He's also an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and loves the freedoms that he experiences in the United States.

Markus, who has debated in a written format previously on the blog, works in the software industry as a Project Manager. He is progressive and supports political leaders who are committed to solving problems that affect peoples' lives, fully understanding that the system our founders created has checks and balances, and requires compromise and flexibility to get anything done. He has no patience for those who can only attack from the sidelines while accomplishing nothing of value themselves.

For context, here are some useful articles: 

The Colorado Court of Appeals initial Decision: 


The Supreme Court Decision:



From the Attorneys of Charlie Craig and David Mullins (the gay couple): 


From the Attorneys of Jack Phillips (the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop):


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