This was a video interview conducted with Nicole Lesser, the New York State Deputy Chapter Lead for Mom's Demand Action. The questions from the interview are listed below. 

The interview was a fascinating conversation over what her group does, what it has done, and how this time is different, if at all. Moreover, she reflected on how conversations such as this can be used to heal and move forward. I thank her profusely for her willingness to contribute.


Interview questions

1.) Can you describe a little bit about yourself and your role in Moms Demand Action?

2.) What is the mission of Moms Demand Action and how is it affiliated with EveryTown for
gun safety?

3.) What do you feel are necessary reforms to gun policy at the state level? At the federal

4.) Can you elaborate on how you believe that gun policy and reform can be enacted and
come in line with the Second Amendment?

5.) What can and should individuals do to ensure gun safety?

6.) Every time after a mass shooting, we all think this time will be different. Do you think this
time really will be?

7.) The goal of Citizen Jane Blog is to allow for civil conversations and debate as a way to
see the world from different perspectives. How do you feel a good conversation and
debate on gun policy can respect different experiences and perspectives, especially in a
nation that often seems so polarized on this issue?

8.) The specific intent of this particular project on gun policy is to serve as a catharsis and a
method to heal from the traumas of these repeated incidents. Do you have any other tips
on how others can do deal with witnessing and hearing about them, both directly and

9.) Any other comments you would like to make.

Interview with Nicole Lesser of Moms Demand Action

Interview with Nicole Lesser of Moms Demand Action

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