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What Should the Direction be for the Future of the Democratic Party? 

For the second iteration of the video debates, the conversation centered on what the future for the Democrats should be. If the Democrats seem united in their opposition to President Trump, what direction they should take in order to achieve their aims is certainly not settled. Moreover, even what those aims are leaves room for dispute.

To cover this ground, we have two great debaters: Markus Dazskal and Tasha D. Young. Both consider themselves progressive Democrats, but have different definitions of what that means and what the future of the Democratic Party should be. They really exemplified how a nuanced discussion can be had over an issue, even when disagreement is present.

I hope you all enjoy this very interesting conversation that will surely continue to have relevance has the 2020 presidential election and campaign gains more steam. Please feel free to add your own comments as well. More insight and ideas are always helpful.   

This channel is coming soon!
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