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Conversation: Should the American political structure be reformed? If so, how?

Hi all! Welcome to another video debate for CitizenJaneBlog. Today’s debate is a bit special for Citizen Jane is taking part in National Week of Conversation, as part of the National Conversation Project and #ListenFirst initiative. According to the website, “National Week of Conversation is a bold annual occasion when people with diverse perspectives #ListenFirst to understand. Through in-person and virtual conversations coast to coast exploring any topic of interest, people of all stripes intentionally convene with the goal of mending our frayed social fabric and revitalizing America together.” CitizenJaneBlog is one of more than 200 organizations participating in this initiative. This is the link for all that are interested: 

Today’s debate features now veteran video debaters James Chillemi and Daniel Thomas Mollenkamp. I will give them both a brief introduction for any new listeners/viewers/readers.


James Chillemi has a BA from Ave Maria University in Politics and History and a JD from Ave Maria School of Law. He is also a Fellow at the Stonegait Instititue.  He is the former co-founder of, and has been featured on several websites and podcasts, including,, the Logical Anarchy, the Conscious Resistance, and Peace Propoganda Podcast. Additionally, his impressive resume includes being the author of “Leaving the Cave, An Amiable Introduction to Anarchy: A Free Market Manifesto”.


Daniel Mollenkamp is an independent journalist who has filed reports from three continents. He has focused on East Africa and North American markets, in particular, and has worked in a variety of newsroom and online settings. He is on the board of Abukloi, a secondary school in South Sudan. He holds a BA in government from the College of William and Mary.


Todays “debate” is a more relaxed, conversational style. The topic covered was the American political system—Does it need to be improved? How can it be if so? (Although some tangents were certainly touched upon!) I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to comment and add your voice to this conversation.  

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National Week of Conversation "Debate"

National Week of Conversation "Debate"

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