POTUS and the (almost) normal address to Congress

Holy cow guys! Stop the presses! Presidential Trump acted presidential at his non-State of the Union State of the Union on Thursday! The man can read a speech written for him without declaring the world is going to hell, the press is the enemy, or that his audience size is the biggest ever.

Before we all go slack-jaw at this minor miracle—which some pundits seem to have already done—lets remember that words are great and all, but it is the action that makes you a good president. I will give him credit where credit is due. It was an almost normal speech. It was probably one of his best moments as president thus far. But lets not forget that our tweeting president is a habitual liar who barely strings two coherent sentences together. Within the mere month of his presidency, he has instituted an unconstitutional immigration ban, pissed off the Australians and the Chinese, and made up a terrorist attack in Sweden, among many other ridiculous/dangerous things. He has had to fire his first choice for National Security Advisor for colluding with Russian officials and is now dealing with the issue once again with his choice for Attorney General. The man seems almost prideful about his puppet-like relationship with Vladimir Putin, not realizing the Russian leader is pulling his strings. Even within the speech, he couldn't restrain himself from referring to “radical Islamic terrorism”, despite being warned of its implications (a debate for another time).

So yeah, we can pat the POTUS on the back for giving a normal first address to Congress. But lets not be too hasty in normalizing him all together. He is still an inexperienced ego-maniac that is heading quickly and surely towards global disaster. This is not a time for any of us to get compliant or relax the pressure we must exert upon his administration.