Debating Climate Change

I think I am going to have a debate on whether the world is flat or not. I mean, all sane people already accept this as fact, but there are some crazies out there who don't, so clearly it merits a debate. No, you don't think so? Why?

Because it is absurd. By having a debate over something the scientific community asserts as fact is misleading and inappropriate. It is with this same logic that it is absurd to have a debate over man-made climate change. The VAST majority of scientists have demonstrated through their research that human-caused climate change is real. We are slowly but surely destroying the planet. As written by Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic, "Since the late 1970s, climate scientists have suggested that the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might cause global warming. In 1995, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international group of thousands of the world’s climate scientists, announced that the “balance of evidence” suggested that this had caused ongoing global warming."

Yet somehow we are continuing to have this debate. In fact, the new head of the EPA Scott Pruitt just declared he does not deem this as fact.

It is absolutely preposterous, and frankly, frightening for him to deny this scientific truth. To even have a debate over it is misleading because, as demonstrated in a segment by John Oliver, it portrays this as an equal fight, not a battle between the scientific community and crackpots.

Therefore, although climate change is a very important issue, this blog will never feature a debate over its veracity. Climate change is happening people. We are destroying the planet for our progeny. If we don't get our act together soon, there will be no turning back.